Hello Everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a wife and mammy to one child and a little Shih Tzu. I met my husband while travelling in Australia in 2012 and the rest is history. After, he joined me in London in 2012, we went from two single people living on different sides of the world to living together, getting a dog in 2013 followed by our engagement, finding out I was pregnant with our son, getting married and buying a house all in 2014! Yes, 2014 was a massive life changing year for us both and a huge transition from living the single life. I thought I would share my journey while making a keepsake for me to look back on, as months and years go by. Since 2014, my hat stand has grown to three; a mammy, wife and doing things to keep my own individual identity. I plan to share things that cover these 3 areas of my life. If my blogs and posts make just one person smile then that makes me happy too.

cropped-luke-and-rhys-2016.jpgfamily photo feb 2017


rhys 3 pictures 2016