Toddler to Role Model

Well…… I truly can’t believe just over 2.5 years have gone by and my newborn is now a little boy! He has his own mind and even tells me he wants his batman, spider-man or turtle top on and Thomas no longer cuts it! How has this happened? People don’t exaggerate when they say time goes quick when you have children. Many have said that it goes quicker when you have two or more! ‘Wow’ is the only word that springs to my mind.

Over the last month it has really dawned on me the amount of life lessons this little man is teaching me, when he has only been on this planet for a very short time. Many talk about the ‘terrible twos’, but I prefer to say the ‘adventurous twos’ because they are so full of life, figuring out how things work, exploring and the imagination is truly alive! You maybe thinking yeah and what about the tantrums! Believe me, I have experienced them too! We have recently moved home and I went into the new local supermarket and suddenly he decided to have the biggest tantrum to date, because he couldn’t open the packet of croissants that I threw in the trolley! It was so big that I felt like everyone in the supermarket was looking at me, while having an unwanted spotlight on my head! However, he soon stopped when he realised the cashier was giving him a charity token to put in the box. I was truly amazed how a total melt down of frustration turned to happiness in a split second! It made me think if adults could let go of their frustration or annoyance so easily we would all be so much happier.

It always amazes me how he just interacts with anyone and everyone. We went out for food and there was a family sitting together and their son was holding a spider-man toy! Well, just seeing they had a mutual love for spider-man was enough for him to squeeze in and sit between the young boy and his mother, while saying hello to the rest of the party. You maybe thinking ‘OMG’ and that was my initial reaction too! In all honesty, on a regular basis he just engages with children he has never met before and they start having lots of fun playing together. I recall travelling on the London tube to work and people barely giving eye contact, such a contrast. It just made me think that sometimes we can miss out on amazing opportunities by putting barriers up, rather than just chat to people we haven’t met before.

Talking about fun! Well, everyday as a toddler is all about having fun! It could be at home, playing with a bottle top, a small dinosaur and a piece of string or just having the best time running around a field or enjoying babyccino time (in my son’s words “hot tea”). So many adults, wish for it to be Friday or dread a Monday and a toddler reminds us everyday should be a day to enjoy and concentrate on the fun side of life. Realising how quick weeks, months and years go by, we can sometimes cut life too short wishing a huge per cent of our week away. This made me step back and ask myself maybe, we need to ask ourselves a daily empowering question like ‘how am I going to enjoy today’? rather than a negative internal voice saying  ‘I can’t wait until I finish work or I can’t until today is over’.

Saying that the biggest learning curve for me so far is how they just enjoy the moment and there is never any rush! I have a tendency to think everything needs to be done with urgency and quick, quick, quick. Actually life isn’t an emergency. Yeah, we all have a schedule which could be work, school runs, meetings, appointments, but we need to make sure we enjoy the moment rather than let those precious moments tick by too quickly. I have found that these precious moments can also be stolen, by a device nearly all adults have that being a mobile phone. It is so easy to respond to the whats app group messages (one of mine being the cougar club- don’t ask!), emails, texts and being lost on social media that can almost remove us from the now and take us somewhere else, while those precious moments are loss, even though our physical presence is there! Toddlers just go with the flow, get the most out of their day, live in the moment, which is definitely something I have taken onboard! I am now more conscious about keeping the mobile phone in the bag or pocket rather than being in my hand, unless I am capturing a photo or video moment. They do have their uses!

Another big learning curve for me is the “I can do it” attitude! Isn’t that great! I will say don’t climb up those steep stairs to get to that huge slide, which is slightly too big for his age! The reply I often get ‘I can do it’!  There is just no fear and they believe in themselves. There have been times that I have questioned myself with ‘OMG can I do that ‘or  ‘I don’t think I will be good at it’! So disempowering! Now I have promised to start asking myself, ‘how can I do it’ and have the empowering internal voice of a child!

Being a parent we always think, our toddler learns from us! I have nudged my husband a few times when he has said an inappropriate word when in a state of excitement watching his football team, or an episode of frustration being stuck behind a slow driver. We just keep thinking role model, role model, role model, and yes we are huge role models to our children, but they are also huge role models to us. Maybe by taking a leaf out of their book from time to time, will help make us feel happier, less stressed, more grateful, achieve goals or just love everyday.

Thanks for Reading

Kelly x

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