Did I really do that?

The title speaks for itself. If someone told me at difference stages of motherhood that I would do certain things, the question I would be asking myself is ‘did I really do that?’. You maybe thinking well what do you mean? Before pregnancy and being a mammy I would never have thought I would have done many things up to this point. Let me explain………

During early pregnancy the moment I knew that something was different when the sight of a can of coke made me want to vomit. Fast forward another week or two, I would park the car and dangle my head out of the car door to vomit anywhere and everywhere. I know, not a classy look! Another pregnancy mishap would be inaccurately gauging the size of my stomach even though I couldn’t see my toes and some other areas (ladies you know what I mean…. Right?). I just seemed to have no concept of my size or maybe it was spatial awareness, whatever the reason the bruised stomach look was a regular thing. I just dread to think what the midwife was quietly thinking to herself.

I swear parenthood comes with a master’s degree in multi tasking. Multi tasking being a normal day occurrence, I remember getting my son comfortable for a breastfeed then all of a sudden my bladder was screaming! The thought of disturbing my settled baby was worse than the thought of peeing myself. Seriously, my pelvic floor couldn’t cope with a screaming bladder in the early days. Don’t worry my self-image has been slightly restored from my pregnancy days, vomiting with my head hanging out of a car door was bad enough. Multi-tasking on another level just had to happen…….. peeing on the toilet and breastfeeding! Okay, I know this isn’t the best thing to picture, but surely it is better than what could have happened?

I confess multi-tasking does have it limits. I had to learn to steer a pram and walk a dog at the same time. It was simple until my son got too big for the sling! Luckily, my little Shih Tzu is small and a rather adaptable dog. On many occasions she has had a ride in the pram basket (anyone that follows me on Facebook would have seen photographic evidence recently). In actual fact, she seems to love it. My husband had become so normalised to seeing me do this that on one occasion he took over until he realised why people were pointing and laughing. Needless to say my husband refuses to do it anymore. Honestly if someone had told me that I would be pushing a dog in a pram before becoming a parent, then my reaction would be a complete contrast to reality.

Talking about getting odd looks this takes me to toilet training situation. Toilet training is a whole new blog by itself. However, one thing I never thought I would do is encourage my son to pee on a tree. Yeah it was a bit of an ‘arghhhhh’ kind of situation. I didn’t take a potty with me and when a child needs to pee, a child needs to pee! We where in a middle of woodland and the toilets were way to far! So, secretly I said ‘why don’t you do a wee-wee on this tree?’. Well excitement is an understatement, he was happy to go ahead with the plan with no hesitation. I thought next time I will be more prepared and take a potty with me and nobody will know that this happened. The second a person passed he couldn’t wait to tell them ‘I did a wee-wee on tree’. What can I say, children don’t lie!

I mentioned about singing above! Well, I have to be honest with myself. Many people think the Welsh can sing! Let me tell you……… I definitely was not in the queue when they handed out good vocal cords! In the words of my family, I have a voice like a ‘foghorn’. So you probably appreciate that singing in public is something I avoid at all costs. I am sure many parents would verify that your own baby/child just loves to hear you sing. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was the first hit in public. It just goes to show self-image is no longer a priority compared to having a settled child. It doesn’t stop there; I have found myself well into a car ride until I realise that I am bellowing out music like ‘Frisky Frog’ to find my child has been asleep for the last half an hour.

In all honesty I could write a book on this topic and he is only 2 years old………. a rather funny thought! I cant help but think what kind of situations I will find myself in by the time he is 5 years old. I am sure there will be a sequel to this blog. What can I say? Being a parent is full of unpredictability and quick decision-making! Things don’t always go plan, but it makes the world of parenthood rather interesting and fun. I am sure I am going to keep asking myself for many years to come ‘did I really do that?

Please entertain me and tell me your ‘Did I really do that?’ moments in the comments box! I would love to hear them.

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