Father’s Day Ideas

(Father’s Day-Incase you have forgotten it is Sunday 18th June 2017 )

Father’s day is approaching and again it makes me ask myself ‘where did that year go?’ I always tend to book an experience with my own dad, especially because we don’t see him much since living away. I always try to think ahead about what to do on Father’s Day, just to highlight how much I value my husband as a dad. My husband and I always appreciate sentimental tokens or gifts that offer experiences. In all honesty I have bought some pretty good gifts and some not so good.

Last year I bought him a personalized Peppa Pig book and my husband’s reaction was priceless. Lets just say it made me laugh more than him. It read ‘my daddy likes to keep in shape all the time’ smiles Peppa but ‘my daddy favorite exercise is lifting the remote control'(response for my son). Honestly, I didn’t write the book even though my husband still doesn’t believe me.

The other not so good gift was an indoor sky diving experience, again I got more entertainment than my husband. Apparently you need a strong core and good flexibility to take off well into the air, which my husband had neither at the time. It was probably one of the funniest experiences I have seen, but my husband would strongly disagree hence why the DVD clip of him doing it went missing pretty quickly. Don’t worry I have got many gifts right so I am almost forgiven for these two.

Anyway, I decided to start exploring and brainstorming on different things to get for Father’s Day this year and thought I would share;

Matching items


Matching father and children socks. I thought these where pretty cute.  Saying that my husband is under the illusion that you buy socks for people you don’t like. Maybe this will give the wrong message and make me laugh at him once again.


For the above:

Danny Family Set

Other alternative prints:


Matching swimwear

Summer holidays are fast approaching and hopefully a warm UK summer. Matching swim shorts could be the way to go for a trendy dad.


Creative ideas:

Treasure hunt

Why don’t you make a treasure map and place sentimental notes around the house. When he finds each one, he can read the sentimental messages left for him. Maybe you could add a bought or homemade gift at the end.



Hopefully we will have some lovely weather. If so, why not grab some quality time and pack all dad’s tasty treats, outside games and head to a pretty place for a picnic. Maybe hide some little surprises such as post-it notes containing little messages on dad’s food, plate and games to make him smile even more.

Breakfast for a Super-dad


I don’t think many dads would say ‘no’ to breakfast in bed. I know my husband would start the day with a massive smile if we served him pancakes, before he stepped out of the bedroom.

A framed drawing or painting

Why not get your child/ren to draw a picture of them with their daddy?

Children drawings are always such a sentimental gift that will be cherished forever. Picture frames can be cheap to buy so why not frame their masterpiece. Or even paint straight onto a canvas. I have bought reasonable small canvases from shops like Home Bargains or PoundWorld in the past. Gifts don’t need to break the bank.

Make your own photo album;

We are so used to seeing photos online, but it doesn’t compare to being able to hold a photo with your hand. Maybe collect different photos of dad with his children/family/siblings and make a book full of photo memories to reminisce on.

Memory Box;

You could either make one or buy one. This is the one my son has below and we add photos, his first plane ticket, first time experiences and special moments into his box that he can look at when he is older. Each item holds a story.

memory box


You could put a few things into dad’s memory box and he could keep adding to it. It could be your first family plane ticket, the first photo with each child. It just feels more personal when you can hold little treasures in your hand that carry beautiful memories. Something he will cherish as years go by.


Golf lesson in a local club, these can range in price so check out your local clubs


Personal training; Session’s often ranging between from £30 up dependent on trainer and area. Some even offer family training sessions…….now that would be fun.

New skill; Is there something he would like to learn? Musical instrument, a new language. Maybe an online or face to face class.

Camping or Glamping family trip away;


This is a handy link to search for some lovely glamping sites around the UK. This is still on our to-do list. Maybe I should book this….


Spa Day; So many spas to choose from in the UK. My husband and I have visited many in Wales including Machynys Golf Club in Llanelli, St Brides Hotel and Spa in Saundersfoot and the Celtic Manor in Newport. All have been such lovely experiences. Check out your local spas for prices and packages.


National Trust have some events going on for Father’s Day. Maybe have a look to see if there is anything local to you.



Pembrokeshire street food festival: (Anyone living near or visiting West Wales)


You just need to apply for free tickets.



Visit London.com have a great list of ideas for people residing or living in or near London for Father’s Day.


London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge

I would love to hear your worse and best father days’ presents. 

Are there any father day’s gifts that you recommend? 

Hope this has given you some ideas.

Thanks for Reading


Please note there has been no exchange of money or gifts to mention any places above. This is all based on my own research and opinion.