Family Holiday Dilemma

The word ‘holiday’ just brings a smile to my face. No cooking, no cleaning, no to-do lists, new adventures and spending quality time with my family. However, booking a holiday as a single person, couple or as a parent all come with different wants and needs. I have to say I have found choosing a last minute family holiday the hardest…

We recently decided a family holiday was needed to see new sights and enjoy some sunshine together. My husband recently finished his work contract so it made sense to go as soon as possible. Seriously, I have been looking for the last 2 weeks and I have almost drove myself crazy. In my single days, I didn’t care about flight times, not so bothered about star rating (admittedly more in early 20s), times zones didn’t matter, making it rather easy to choose. For our couple holidays we just wanted some luxury that was straight forward to find. Since becoming parents, we focus on the flight times, children entertainment, children facilities, duration from airport to resort, nearest medical centres and some luxury for us adults while keeping within budget.

I am a beginner in booking last minute holidays. Needless to say I have made some errors, mainly from overthinking. We found a number of holidays in Majorca, Menorca and Greece that ticked a lot of our boxes. I don’t know why I do it but I literally get fixated on trip advisor reviews. I have spent hours reading about different hotels trying to tick the boxes for both our son, us and as a family. Just to be sure I would double check the reviews again before completing the booking then get drawn to any negative reviews left ; poor quality food, self service, poor entertainment, noise, uncleanliness, very drunk holiday makers and then I would freak out. In all honesty these bad reviews may only be a very small percent but it feeds my indecisive mind. By the time I have got over it and thought about it rationally it has sold out. It happened about 6 times… Now I need a holiday more than ever.

Ironically, we got so worried about holidays selling out that we have literally booked a holiday to somewhere we have never considered, remote, probably no medical centres nearby (haven’t even looked), rooms look basic, poor Wi-Fi, far from the airport and mixed reviews on trip advisor. A complete contrast to what I have been focusing on for the last 2 weeks while driving myself around the bend. You maybe thinking ‘Why did you book this holiday?’. Well, it comes with many free water-sports, exercise classes like pilates, caters for families, children entertainment and something different to our norm. I did have a little panic after reading some negative reviews after booking with very tired eyes… seriously why did I even do it! This morning I have literally thought focus on the positive reviews, make our own mind up and enjoy the new adventure in much needed sunshine. We are off to Ogliastra. Many websites describe Ogliastra as a tranquil, relaxing and unspoilt region of Sardinia.

I have been running around getting last minute bits and bobs to be all set to depart tomorrow. I think the word ‘remote’ has stuck in my head. I nearly cleared out the pharmacy with the ‘what if’ scenario. I did manage to restrain myself and buy sensibly. This is the first holiday that I have had to cancel my hair appointment to go. Hair roots work with the beach image though…Right? Anyway, I am now really excited to experience something rather new, see some sunshine and most importantly spend some time making memories with the people I love.

Have you nearly drove your self crazy like me trying to book a last minute family holiday? Please tell me I am not alone.

If you are interested I will be posting some photos to my Facebook and Instagram when WI-FI access allows me. (Links to my social media platforms can be found at the bottom of this page) 

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