A Letter To My Mammy

Parenthood comes with a host of emotions happiness, frustration, tiredness and love are just a few of the feelings that can be experienced daily. When we get married there is no major difference in the way we live, but parenthood couldn’t be any different. Life can become chaotic, structured and time for oneself goes out the window. Suddenly you are responsible for this little person that comes with feelings of immense love, need to protect and fear. A job that we don’t have black and white instructions for and a variety of parenting books that you don’t get time to read. The only job that you want to do perfectly but get no feedback or appraisal to reassure us that we are doing well. Parenthood is a hard, challenging but one of the most rewarding of all. There are moments that you wished you could have 5 minutes to yourself, go to the toilet alone, undisturbed sleep, stay in bed past 7am on weekends, enjoy a hot drink, watch your own TV program and listen to anything apart from nursery rhymes but you wouldn’t change it for the world. Often we can be our worse critic and not always see the amazing job we are doing. Amongst the occasional night waking, tantrums, playtime, story times and difficult days I stepped back and really listened to what my 2-year-old son was saying. This is a little letter for all mammy’s to highlight how valued you are by the little person in your life that looks up to you with total love and admiration.

(All above reflects on fathers too, but I wrote if from a mother’s outlook. Dad’s you are amazing too)

  A Letter To My Mammy

Mammy, I know sometimes it can be a struggle but you are doing a wonderful job.
You make me safe when I feel scared and happy when I feel sad.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed just feeling lots of emotions but not always understanding why.
This sometimes makes me scream or shout but it’s not meant to make you feel bad.
It really helps when you keep calm and explain to me how I feel.
It helps me to understand I not being silly.
You make me feel understood which goes a long way.
When you whisper’ I love you’ with a big mammy cuddle it makes me feel so loved and valued.
I know someday’s are tiring and I worry when you look sad.
Only because you have taught me to care for the ones I love.
I am starting to learn right from wrong but don’t always understand.
Mammy please stay patient because I am still growing and learning everyday.
Somedays I think I have worked it all out but then I realise I haven’t.
Those days that seem tough are the times I need you more than ever.
Mammy I know each day is busy and I keep you on your toes.
I love the times we just laugh and act silly. The times we dance around the kitchen and laugh loudly.
I look at you and think ‘wow’ I am lucky to call you my mammy.
I love the time before bed when we read lots of stories.
The quality time we share together reading books just always amazes me.
You bring the stories to life which fuels my imagination.
I feel so happy to cuddle up to my one amazing mammy.
Bath-time is always fun just before I head to bed.
Best of all is when we lay together and talk about the day ahead.
My bedtime story helps to wind me down while I rest my sleepy head.
I love that you stay with me until I go to sleep. It makes me feel safe and really cosy.
I know sometimes I wake at night and disturb you from your sleep.
I am really sorry but I know no darkness, monsters or spiders can beat my mammy.
You make me feel safe to return to sleep to wake up fresh and have more fun.
Mammy, you are the best and my number one. You are my protector, comforter, teacher and friend. So please remember on those tough days I am just learning and one day it will all come.
Love Your Little Person x

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