I am really excited that I was nominated for ‘The Blogger Recognition Award’ by

This award is an opportunity for other bloggers to value and congratulate other bloggers on their work.

Why did I start blogging?
In all honesty, I never envisioned myself blogging. I started a personal development course this year to learn more about myself, to start thinking about career aspirations and to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve new things. I have been a stay at home mother for a few years that has been wonderful but a massive change from my former ambitious career minded self. A few months into the personal development course I decided I was going to start blogging to learn, do something that felt uncomfortable, to save keepsakes that I would cherish forever and maybe it would help or make another person smile. I have learnt so much and enjoyed things that I didn’t think I would. You start to become comfortable with the once uncomfortable that compounds in other areas of your life. I still have a lot to learn but at the moment I am enjoying storing memories made with the people I love. Anyone reading this that is thinking about doing blogging then just take the leap and get started.


What are your two pieces of advice to new bloggers?
1- Don’t feel overwhelmed by the blogging world and learn one thing at a time. Don’t be scared about being judged by others. There will be a lot of people who will value what you write.

2- Write about things that you are passionate about and enjoy doing. Follow and comment on other blogger’s posts that you enjoy reading. They will appreciate your support and they may reciprocate the support back.

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 The other bloggers I would like to nominate to acknowledge their work and passion are:
This blog offers travel and lifestyle experiences in hidden gems and off the beaten path destinations around the world.

This blog is by Paul who quit his job and now works for myself. This blog is about how he earned money, travelled and lived.

This blogger takes you on his journey on growing his online presence and becoming a successful blogger. On top of that, he talks about other topics that matter to him  (like news, trends & fashion).

The main purpose of is to keep people updated with new technology, to provide them good information and to solve their problems. They encourage people to become a contributor with them. They cover a lot of topics Technology, Social Media, SEO
Traffic, Money, Web Design, Blogging, Health and Fashion. Therefore, something for everyone.

A blog that focuses its attention on Social Media and Online Marketing, writing books, developing an awarded Social Media Blog, growing my social media presence and helping other businesses and organisations be successful online. A great website for tips and advise.

A really interesting travel blog containing great photography and information.

A blogger that writes about vegan food and posts vegan recipes for some inspiration.

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*Write a post to show your award.

*Give a brief story of how your blog started.

*Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

*Select up to 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.