Embracing All Emotions Is Key

This week I have been reading about embracing all emotions and letting them flow through us rather than resist them.

Just imagine a free flowing stream, emotions such as fear, sadness, anxiety, irritation  should be accepted with open arms and not blocked.

If we resist, it will persist.

It can then manifest into other things.

Just like debris blocking a steam of water causing it to run back on itself eventually leading to flooding. One unresolved problem leading to another.

For example: Blocking fear can turn into anxiety.

If a child cries, rather than encourage them to feel that emotion. We can often try to encourage them to stop crying because we don’t want them to experience feelings deemed as negative. Therefore, we often try to distract them from that emotion with a sweet, toy or maybe tv.

This behaviour stays with us to adulthood, and we end up living our lives doing everything we can to avoid our problems. We may

Play games
Surf online
Watch TV

Simply accept the situation as it is fully and openly allow yourself to feel any emotions that arise in conjunction with it.

Remember without sadness we wouldn’t understand true feeling of happiness

Without grief we wouldn’t understand the true feeling of love

Without fear of failing we wouldn’t understand the true feeling of growth and learning

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