What can we learn from a baby?

At first glimpse this may just look like a photo of a baby with a bag of wipe wipes!
However, this is a photo to remind me that focus and self belief is key for individual growth and achievement.
Maia is unable to crawl, but I watched her this morning determined to get this bag of wet wipes. She didn’t concentrate on the fact she is unable to crawl to easily manoeuvre to get them. She focused on the intention! She wanted those wet wipes therefore her focus was purely on getting them. No self doubt, no fear of failure and no negative self talk. She managed to wiggle and grab them! In turn I would almost certainly say these successes are building blocks of self confidence, self belief and self esteem.
I thought I would share this because as a parent our children can remind us of important messages ❤️ that inside of ourselves we have all the self belief and self confidence we need. We just need to let go of the BS we have picked up along the way to allow the right stuff to resurface

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