Are we too late for change?

Often we can feel ahead or behind, too early or too late, too young or too old.

Society or family or school may have conditioned us to believe this way.

We all have our own flow. We all learn at different paces. We all have different desires. We are all unique.

If you are wanting to pursue a new mindset, new career, new hobby, a new relationship or anything else that means change.

It isn’t too early or too late. It’s just doing things in our own time.

Take the first step. Why?

One step at a time leads to growth, learning and change in the direction we desire. We wouldn’t step on a ladder and be at the top in one go. It takes consistent small steps over time. We don’t always see the growth in each small step until we look back on the journey and see the height we have climbed. It all starts with the first step.

From a parenting perspective;

I want my children to find their own purpose in the world and realise life is constantly about living, learning and growing. It doesn’t matter what age we are because it is never too late to try new things or make changes to their lives. It is all about living their own life and not living someones else’s. For me, this has to be the biggest motivator to lead by example. Like the saying goes ” live by what I do, not by what I say”.

What change would you like to make in your life? Have you already taken the first step? Please let me know, I love hearing from people that make change happen.

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