First step to changing your life

We are almost a third of the way into 2019. Many people can find themselves back in their usual routine and possibly feeling unfulfilled, even though they had exciting goals only 3 months ago.

Did you know?

Change first requires us to be aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts, shape our emotions that shape more thoughts, increasing our emotions and then steer our actions. Have you ever planned to go to the gym then you try to tell yourself every reason not to go, which shapes more dread and weighs down any kind of motivation. Always remember, old thoughts on a new path make it an old path. 

First we have to change our thoughts before taking action. Just like a snake that sheds its skin, we need to leave our old selves behind and become the new version of ourselves. Our thoughts don’t necessarily need to be positive, but they need to be open thoughts, ones that keep us focused, open to opportunities and allowing ourselves to learn, grow and make the changes that move us into the person we want to be. 

We need to focus on the person we want to become, not the person we believe we are now. Rather than say ‘someday I will’ or ‘ I would like to be healthier’ or ‘I wish I could change my job’ to ‘ I am a person that makes healthy choices’ or ‘ I am hard working, focused and always work to my full potential’ or ‘I am committed to make the changes needed to get me to my desired outcome’ ( be it new career, travel etc). We need to focus on the person we need to be to create the life we truly want to have. Meaning, 2019 will end with life lessons, accomplished goals and a journey unlocking our true potential. It all starts with our thoughts, therefore try these 4 tips:

The morning is fundamental on shaping the rest of the day ahead. It enables us to gain clarity, increase happiness, feel gratitude and be focused. Remember, nothing will change doing the same thing, but alot will change if we start doing things differently.

  • Name one thing you want to achieve this year
  • Get out of bed 30 minutes or an hour earlier by placing the alarm clock away from your bed ( you need to get out of bed to reach it)
  • Start the morning with 5-10 minutes with exercise, meditation and a personal development book ( guided meditation on youtube or apps)
  • List 3 things your are grateful to have in your life (mood changer)
  • Focus on 1 thing that you want to achieve today that will help you with your goal.
  • Log all the above in a journal ( any book you can write this down daily in one place)

We have a choice to evolve into a growth mindset or stay in a fixed mindset. Which one do you choose?

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