About Me

Hey Everyone

I am Kelly a mother to two children aged under 5 and a furball Shih Tzu. I found my husband while travelling in Australia celebrating my 30th year in the world. We did live in London, but we have returned to my Welsh roots.

I used to work for the National Health Service before becoming a stay at home mother, while working on creating a life that fits my purpose and passion. I am all about self improvement and health. I uses personal development to help steer my parenting and self improvement. I love to learn about anything that falls under the wellness umbrella that I can adapt bit by bit into my life as a mother, wife and individual. Rome wasn’t built in a day hey! Slowly but steady.

I love sharing what I have learnt because we all can learn and inspire each other, hence the birth of my blog.

My other interests are Pilates, exercising, meditation, healthy food, outdoors and learning/experiencing new things. 2019 is a year of self exploration, raising my self awareness and self improvement. To make this happen I have signed up to Jay Shetty’s Genius Coaching Programme for ongoing self investment. I plan to keep a learning about nutrition and anything else that grabs my attention within the wellness world that I will share within my blog.

Lets Connect. I would love to chat with people that;

  • Inspires others to be the best version of themselves.
  • Made lifestyle changes to better themselves be it lifestyle, health or career.
  • Use biohacking or natural health care to optimise health

Let me know what blogs you find helpful, I would love to hear from you.

Much Love

Kelly x