Fitness Journey After A Baby

Self Love is an essential ingredient to have within us. Being a mother I have been guilty of putting myself at the bottom of the priority list. In-turn I haven’t felt my best.

I have learnt making time for exercise is not being selfish because it boosts my energy, makes me feel alive, encourages me to make better food choices, teaches my children that exercise is important and I am a happier parent for it.

Some tips I recommend;

  • Consistency is more important than intensity. ( small regular exercises rather than one big workout a week to form new habits.)
  • Listen to your body. Remember your body grew and delivered a baby it takes time to build back up.
  • Postnatal Pilates is a great first step back into exercise.
  • Concentrate on changing habits that you can build from. ( Even if you do 5 minutes daily)
  • Put affirmations on your mirror such as ‘I live a healthy lifestyle”. We live by the messages we tell ourselves.
  • Focus on the person you want to be, not who you are now. It helps to keep me motivated and play a new record in my head.
  • Always remember prioritising yourself isn’t selfish it is inspiring to others and our children. Self love is important.
  • Focus on solutions rather than the barriers. ( It is easy to convince ourselves not to invest time in ourselves when we are busy, but remember change can only happen with action)
  • Never compare yourself to others, just focus on improving daily.
  • If you have a unmotivated or down days, always remember these are passing moments that aren’t permanent. They don’t define you.
  • Reflect on your progress and be your own cheerleader.

There is a new app out called the fitness network that has lots of fitness experts posting on there. Keep your eyes peeled on this app throughout 2019. If you are a fitness expert and want to find out how you get involved with the app then get in touch with me.

Let me know what tips you would recommend, encouraging each other is a beautiful thing.