Drinks and Food

Hands up if you love cafe culture like myself!

I love exploring new cafe’s and cuisines especially after a family walk.

In winter, I love to warm up with a hot drink. Cafes and following people passionate about health and nutrition on Instagram has inspired me to try new drinks at home.

Bullet Proof Coffee

Ingredients: Freshly brewed Coffee, XCT or Octane Oil, Ghee or grass fed butter. Optional: Collagen, Hemp protein, Mushroom Blend Powder

Place ingredients in blender and serve.

In all honesty I was unsure about the taste at first, but I now love the flavour. I feel more alert and have no caffeine lows. ( I used XCT oil)

Thai Chi Tea Latte

Ingredients: Thai Chi Tea Leaves, Oat Milk

Place a cup of oat milk and spoonful of Thai Chi Leaves into a saucepan. Boil lightly until you see the milk change colour and you will smell the lovely tea aroma.

Pour into a cup using a tea strainer to catch the leaves and enjoy.

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Drink ( Immune Booster)

I just grate fresh ginger and squeeze the juice into a cup. Squeeze a slice of lemon into cup and place the slice inside, raw/manuka honey ( amount to your desire). Pour hot water from the kettle.