A family walk in Runnymede National Trust. My son said his legs were tired when we got to a rather long up hill climb. Therefore, mammy got an extra workout.  https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/runnymede

Mammy: what shall we do?
R: don’t know
Mammy: shall we bake a cake?
R: yay chocolate cake

My battery died so I didn’t catch the ending to this capture! A hyper sugar high 2 year old bouncing around the house! 😳.

Mammy thought chocolate icing was a good idea……maybe not 😂😂. Someone seemed to like chocolate icing a lot and had abit too much 😂


His own little pose for the camera

strike a pose 2017

Even parents can have fun in the park.

Wedding Day in Cornwall, EnglandWhen we said 'I Do'

Wedding time fun.

tenby 2016

Tenby, Wales 2016

rhys and lili washing basket

England 2017

Cousin Love May 2017

Cousin Love Savill Gardens 2017


Gran Canaria 2016